Thank you for visiting Digital Software Store. We are an online reseller of major PC software applications and games. Currently, we provide digital delivery for all products and services available at our website. We sell most of these software applications and games at cheaper price. All digital activation codes purchased from Digital Software Store are genuine CD codes, which are never used before.

Our delivery system for all online purchases is faster than other usual sources. Once you are done placing your order, we will collect a unique product key for you and email it within 30 minutes along with installation & activation instructions. Your product delivery might delay in rare conditions depending on availability for upto 24 hours.


What is Digital Software Store 4u? is a subdomain of Xpertech Solution LLC, which has been designed to gather all affiliate & reseller programs in one place for the ease of customers. We provide product keys for most PC and Gaming Console- software applications and games at cheaper price than usual cost.


Where do we get the product keys from?

We receive product keys from manufacturers, resellers & affiliates. We have direct sources that deliver digital keys at cheaper price than anywhere so that we could customers could get their products at an unmatched cheaper costs.


What do we sell at ?

We are consistently working on extending the range of products at our website. You can get most PC software applications and games at our website.

Currently, we are only providing digital downloads, which is cheaper that physical deliveries. We may start delivering physical products in future.


Does Digital Software Store has support department?

Yes! Unlike other software resellers, Digital Software Store has its dedicated customer support team that works Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. Our customer support team can be easily reached via toll-free number and email address.


When can customers contact our customer service team?

Our customer service team works Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. Moreover, you can choose to type us an email or leave us a voicemail in non-working days and hours. We respond to our customers within a maximum 24 to 48 hours.


Benefits of buying from Digital Software Store: –

There are perks of buying from digital codes from us. If you are looking for a PC/Mac or Gaming Console app, then you must try us first for cheaper and authentic products.

Digital Delivery

All products sold at Digital Software Store are delivered via email along with instructions within 30 minutes to 24 hours. With us, you will not need to wait for days to receive a product, on the contrary, most products are delivered instantly.


Support Service

In order to help users with their products, we have a dedicated toll-free number that is accessible from anywhere. If you are experiencing challenges in downloading or activating a product, then contact our customer service team for additional help.



We sell most of these products by keeping a very small margin; therefore, you can buy all essential tools for your PCs from Digital Software Store along with free consultation services.


Thank you for reaching Digital Software Store. Visit us again for more PC/Mac and Gaming Console apps.