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 Microsoft Office 365 Error Code 30180-4

Office 365 is available for personal use and business purposes. Its design and performance have changed a lot over the years and become advanced. But sometimes a user may have problems while using Office 365. One of these errors is the Microsoft Office 365 Error Code 30180-4 which occurs when installing Office on your device.

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How to Avoid MS Office 365 30180-4 error code?

  • Try to install Office 365 using the offline installer.
  • Use a wired connection to access the Internet instead of a wireless connection.
  • Install Office from another location, your network may be restricted so that it does not allow Office installation.
  • Make sure that your network provider does not limit data usage or Internet speed.

Fix MS Office 365 ERROR CODE 30180-4

Method 1: Turn off the antivirus temporarily

It is possible that your antivirus is interfering with the installation process by not running certain files on your device. You can turn off the antivirus service to install Office 365 and turn it back on after the installation is complete.

You can also try to uninstall antivirus software to install Office 365. Remember to reinstall it. Contact your antivirus company for the process of disabling and activating your antivirus.

Method 2: Temporarily disable proxy settings

Disable your browser’s proxy settings before installing Office 365 on the device.

  • Microsoft edge
  • Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of your Windows device.
  • Go to Settings and choose Network and Internet.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Proxy.
  • In a manual proxy configuration, drag the bar to close it and save the settings.
  • If it is already disabled, exit the configuration window.
  • Internet explorer
  • Launch your Internet Explorer software and click on Tools in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the Internet option and click on the Connection tab.
  • Click the LAN Settings button.
  • Under Proxy Server, turn off the option to “Use a proxy server for your local network (these settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections).”
  • Click Apply or OK to save the settings.

If you are using a different browser, go to their help and check how to disable their proxy settings. If this method does not work for you, see the next one.

Method 3: Turn off the firewall temporarily

Disabling your computer’s firewall will put your device in danger. As soon as you finish installing Office 365, be sure to turn on the firewall.

  • For Windows 8.1 and 7
  • Click on the Start button and choose Control Panel.
  • In the search box, type firewall and click Windows Firewall.
  • Go to the left panel and select Windows Firewall on and off.
  • If prompted, allow the administrator and enter the device password.
  • Click Close Windows Firewall, then click OK.
  • For Windows 10
  • Click on the Start button and navigate to the Windows Defender Security System.
  • Then choose the option Firewall and Network Security.
  • Select the network profile under Windows Firewall and disable it.

If you still receive Office 365 error code 30180-4 during installation, contact the customer support team. Be sure to activate all the security systems mentioned above, otherwise, your device will be available for various threats.


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