Around the world, where many users like Chrome as their choice, Microsoft Edge is one step ahead with a variety of features such as virtual assistant incoming tools, private browsing, fast loading of web pages, a clean user. Interface. And many others, but also some complications, which often annoy users and one of the problems is that Microsoft Edge not working.

Microsoft Edge not working

With the update to Windows 10, it is quite common for users to stop working with their Microsoft Edge browser. If this problem seems familiar to you, then it is time to troubleshoot to fix it as soon as possible. The following steps will help. here Fix Microsoft Edge not working in Windows 10

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Some reasons for Microsoft Edge not working in Windows 10:

  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Presence of viruses or other threats.
  • Cortana does not answer.
  • Another system is causing file disruption.

Steps to fix Microsoft Edge not working in Windows 10

Step 1: Clean the system boot

  • Press the R and Windows logo keys on the keyboard and type MSConfig
  • Click the Services tab and select the Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox. Press the Deactivation button.
  • Go to the Start tab and click on the Open Task Manager.
  • Select each item in the task manager and deactivate it.
  • restart device.

Step 2: Reinstall Browser

  • Press the Windows key simultaneously and press the S and Powershell tabs. Right-click and select to run as administrator.
  • Click Yes at the prompt asking the application to make changes.
  • Enter a command and wait for it to finish, then try running Edge again.

Step 3: Configure the Group Policy Editor

  • After pressing the Windows key, type in Group Policy and click S Modified Group Policy.
  • Go to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components on the left side of the pane.
  • Click Add a package deployment to the component category.
  • Authorize the deployment and click Activate.

If these steps do not work for you, and your browser does not work, then you should sign in with a Microsoft Edge Support Number, which can be called any time of day. Support personnel will assist you in troubleshooting the problem appropriately.


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