Your startup configuration database file has been corrupted or left with some required files and Windows failed to start. Usually, this error code is one of the main reasons for 0xc000000f not appearing and not allowing the user to access Windows, there may be other reasons as well: How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0xc000000f.

  • Corrupted file system.
  • Data cable problem.
  • Incomplete installation or incorrect shutdown.

windows 10 Error Code 0xc000000f

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How to Fix windows 10 Error Code 0xc000000f 

Based on this irrelevant error code shown above, the possible reasons for encountering this error code 0xc000000f during startup, including the missing boot configuration database (BCD) file is each alleged cause or corrupt, a specific solution and each fixes easily. Are manageable. Our developers had given specific information and shared a sufficient amount of information for all users to improve their skills about the issue and this error code was easily corrected to 0xc000000f.

Boot configuration database (BCD)

The file is considered one of the main reasons for this error code 0xc000000f because the BCD file is lost or corrupted during startup and causes Windows to crash, the error code itself provides the solution to repair it.

If the Windows installation device is attached or inserted as a disk, Windows itself provides an automatic repair option and all you have to do is turn on the PC and navigate to the files by going to the boot menu. Configuring the database and restoring it from there is a manual solution to restore missing files because the Windows installation disk will eventually help us restore the files.

There are commercial and free development starter tools on the market that will eventually automate the manual process and give you an adequate solution, choose these steps wisely, and get an accurate solution for BCD files. This will restore the BCD file and continue your boot process and start your windows.

Check for corrupt file system

Corrupted file systems can be the cause of this error code 0xc000000f and may be an issue where your Windows cannot boot, system files can be easily restored by choosing the Windows recovery option. All system files will be recovered if you want to select recovery.

If you are new to Windows, system files must be restored and do not know how to recover Windows (reinstall it). Windows can be easily restored:

  • Go to Settings> Updates and Security Information.
  • Reinstall windows.

Follow these steps and restore your default window with all files and settings restored, Windows will ask you to return your data or delete it. Depending on your current state, you should look at the terms and conditions when restoring window and factory settings. This will ultimately help you easily restore all system settings and files and give your windows a fresh and fresh start. Restoring system files using this fix will easily fix the error code 0xc000000f.

Data cable issues

These issues are related to the hardware process, where our developers wanted to check that the cables connected to the hard drive are not loose, this could be due to long-term use of the PC without any cleaning or repair. You need to check the connection and fix it if necessary, this easily resolving error code will be 0xc000000f.

Incomplete installation or incorrect shutdown

This is why your files may get corrupted, these issues raise the error code 0xc000000f and do not allow the user to access Windows. This can be easily fixed by going to Device Manager, right-click on the Windows icon> Device Manager. Carry and check for any updates or require special attention, if there is an update pending, there may be a warning sign and will have to be fixed. This can be solved by selecting the recovery option or enabling file recovery using the installation disk.

These fixes will eventually help you fix this error code 0xc000000f and allow you to ensure your windows are all possible fixes that can easily counter this error code and create windows free of these errors. We have provided the correct information and can help you in your useful situation in fixing this error code 0xc000000f.


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