If you open Outlook and it gives you an Outlook error 0X80070021, it means that the PST file is corrupt. This needs to be fixed. The location of the file depends on the operating system you are running and the version of Outlook you are using. Additionally, hardware failures are a common cause of error code 0X80070021. The second reason for this error code is data storage failure.

Outlook Error 0X80070021

Also, in some business houses, the network server may contain your PST file. You can try to access the file through the client computer. However, this slows down the system. Therefore, if you are one of those Outlook users who frequently encounter error codes, you can refer to the rest of the article for effective fixes for this error code.

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Simple ways to Fix Outlook Error 0X80070021

This Outlook error 0X80070021 is preventing you from sending or receiving email. Therefore, you must fix the problem or you will not be able to access your Outlook account. Whatever the reasons are responsible for the error code, you should resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Fix 1: Repair Corrupt PST files in your MS Outlook

Mainly, the Outlook error code 0X80070021 is caused by corrupt PST files. Therefore, to get rid of this situation you need to repair the PST files. For a Windows user, they can find the PST file using the path C: \ Documents and Settings \% Username% \ LocalSettings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook \ Outlook.pst. After locating the PST file, delete it. You can also use a repair tool to repair a PST file.

Fix 2: Using Task Manager

With the help of Task Manager, you can solve the problem. To take action, go through the next section.

  • First, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key to launch the task manager option. Choose the Process tab from the Task Manager option and find the Outlook Process application and click on it.
  • Finally, choose the End task option to complete the process.

Correction 3: Restore Point

Restoring your system to the point where Outlook was working properly can solve your problem. Therefore, you must use System Restore to return your computer to its previous state.

  • First of all, you have to log in to your system as an administrator option. After this, click on the Start button and then select the All Programs option.
  • Next, go to the Windows Accessories option and then to the System Tools option.
  • In the System Tools section, choose the System Restore option. After that, select the option to Restore my computer at an earlier time.
  • After this, a confirmation window will appear on the system screen. After the restore process is complete, click Next to confirm and restart the system.

Fix 4: Remove the indexing tool

Removing the indexing tool can help you solve the problem. To remove the indexing tool, you must first launch Outlook and switch from the menu option to the tool. Then select the Trust Center window. In the left panel of the window, choose Add-Ins, and then you will find a button that helps you manage COM add-ins. You must select the COM add-in from the drop-down menu that will appear on the system screen. To continue, tap on the Go option. After that, you will find the Search Email Indexer and highlight it. Then click on the Remove option to remove it. When the process is complete, close the Outlook tab and reopen it to find the Outlook error code 0X80070021.

To fix an Outlook error 0X80070021 requires that you apply the improvements described above. Hope that after going through the article and applying the fix, you can resolve the error in no time.


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